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Looking for a bit of group therapy?

Kool Katz Learn to Surf provides everyone aged from 6 to 60+ the opportunity to dream and conquer! Our surf school gaurantees surfing success whether you are:

  • part of a team building experience
  • an overseas group
  • a school group
  • a family group
  • a bucks or hens gathering

Under the helm of Terry Hannon, Byron's original and most experienced surf tour operator, your group will have fun and get results. We offer an exclusive 40 metre guarantee on your surfing, so everyone's a winner!

Kool Katz Surf School is already the chosen learn to surf providers for Leap Now, an American based organisation focused on providing young people positive experiences overseas.

Corporate Team Builder and Conference Breaker

Learning to surf is an excellent activity and corporate team builder. Challenge the fear within, dive into the unknown and together achieve goals you never dreamed possible! Kool Katz Surf School promises plenty of positive outcomes for the team situation:

  • confronting fear of failure
  • taking risks
  • building confidence and self-esteem
  • experiencing collective success
  • boosting team morale
  • group bonding
  • recognising potential to achieve goals believed not possible

With 2 daily sessions to choose from, it's tailored easily around mentoring sessions or business conferences. Group rates apply. For a quote contact us.

School Groups

Learn a new and fun activity that promotes fitness, repect and inner-well-being as part of a group.

Kool Katz Surf School uses verbal and visual instruction techniques. As in a classroom situation we get students working as a co-operative team in a shared learning environment. Everyone receives individual attention and is part of a general confidence and esteem-building experience. Friendships are cemented and a respect and love of the ocean and surfing assured. Most competitive group rates apply. For a quote contact us.

Overseas Groups

Include learn to surf as part of the authentic Aussie cultural experience. The majority of Australia's population lives on the coast. Everyone is chasing a wave! Get an insiders view of the far north coast as you learn to surf with a local who can walk and talk the Aussie lingo. Group rates apply. For a quote contact us.

Bucks and Hens Party

Celebrate love, life, being together and the good times with a ride you'll never forget. Spend some quality time with your friends, have plenty of laughs, make memories and gather foddor for exhilirating dinner-time conversation. Discounts for groups of 8 or more. Contact us.

Family Groups

Model a healthy lifestyle for your kids and join them in a bit of quality family time. As a family, learn good surfing practises and water safety awareness to stand you in good stead for future surfing experiences. Take home your own special memories.

"Be you small or tall, thin or fat --- you too can be a Kool Kat!"

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