Glossary n. list and explanations of abstruse, obsolete, dialetical, or technical terms, partial dictionary.

aerial - busting air

Aussie crawl - swimming stroke; freestyle

beach break - surfing location; normally breaks off a long, sand beach area

chick - girl

cowabunga - old, traditional Aussie surfing exclamation meaning "yahoo!''

crikey! - old Aussie exclamation expressing astonishment, brought to life again by Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter)

cutback - a surfing manoeuvre; turning your back to the power source of the wave

cut in on - invade someone's territory

cutloose - expression meaning "loosen up, break out of the mould''

cut up - get sore, annoyed

drop in on - take off on a wave after someone already has priority

floater - a surfing manoeuvre; turning to top of the wave and surfing over with the lip as the wave shuts down

grommet - young surfer

hang 5 - 5 toes over the nose of a surfboard

hang 10 - 10 toes over the nose of a surfboard

larrikin - old Aussie word borrowed from Australian folklore to describe a rowdy type

lingo - vocabulary of special subject or class of people

lip - the section of the wave that throws forward to meet the bottom of it

lip-launched - pitched by the lip into oblivion

left-hander - a wave that peels to the left as you're taking off, opposite of a right-hander

Malibu (Mal) - a long board 8'6" or longer; named after Malibu Point in California

out the back - where the bigger waves are breaking

patrolled beach - a safe section of beach patrolled by lifeguards, only between the flags

point break - surfing location; normally breaks off a headland area

rashie - rash vest, a lightweight garment used by surfers to protect their upper body from sun and board rash

reef break - surfing location; breaks on a reef

rip - dangerous body of water in which a strong current operates, dragging out to sea

ripping - surfing very well

smokin' - what killed Bob Marley, or just used to describe an excellent wave

stoked - expression meaning "feeling good''

surfari - surfing expedition

surfie - bona fide surfer; stereotypically a shaggy-blonde, bronzed Aussie

surf's up! - surf's good!

sweet - no worries

take the drop - riding down the face of a wave

tube - hollow section of a wave between the lip and the back

wax up - wax your board

wettie - wetsuit

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