''Crikey! What was that?'' --- It's a question you'll be asking when you meet the man they call "the Steve Irwin of learn-to-surf''.

Kool Katz owner Terry (aka Tezza) Hannon is Byron Bay's original and best surf tour operator. pic of Terry
He has surfed for more than 30 years and instructed and guided for 20 years.

He is a respected captain of the learn-to-surf industry, having taught his beginner surfing techniques to literally tens of thousands of children, backpackers and holiday makers. His methods are those used by his professional team of accredited and sponsored surf instructors.

Tezza's unstinting devotion and professionalism have earned him worldwide recognition. He has been featured on Ian Wright's Lonely Planet doco ``The Longest Journey'' and more recently he stole the stage of a popular Swedish travel show, ''Near & Far''. The choice to promote him in a 2003 series using footage of Tezza Downunder elevated him to star status in Sweden and triggered an unlikely cult following.

But all this attention is not just for the wild mop of blonde hair. Those of you who dubbed Tezza ``the Steve Irwin of learn-to-surf'' recognised in him the same star-like qualities of the world's favourite Crocodile Hunter: his relentless energy, unbounding enthusiasm and good-humoured Aussie larrikinism.

(Yet still ... how many of you told us he is the walking double of Gerard Depardieu, the spitting image of Nick Nolte and the living understudy of Jeff Daniels?)

Regardless of whom he reminds you ... and all jokes aside ... Tezza is 110% commited to providing a safe, inexpensive, fun and successful surfing environment for everyone who wants to learn.

He loves what he does ... and it shows.

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